New Membership

We invite you to become a member of one of the most distinguished organizations in the City of Villa Park.  The Villa Park Women’s League (VPWL), which is celebrating its 50thAnniversary in 2019, welcomes all women residing in Villa Park.  

To join, simply print the Mail-in Membership Form below and send the completed form with your $50 yearly dues to the address listed at the bottom of the Form.  You can join at any time during the year. There is no obligation to renew, however you will be sent a reminder when a year has elapsed since you joined.  If you prefer to make payment with a credit card or PayPal, use our online payment feature below and scan or take a picture of the completed Membership Form and email it or text it to the Membership Chair, whose email address and cell phone number are also listed at the bottom of the Membership Form. 

Current membership is required to participate in all VPWL activities and receive our newsletter--the Villa Voice--, which is published monthly except for December and the summer recess, and the Roster of Membership, which is published in December and contains the names and address information for all our current members.  Members must agree to abide by the VPWL Bylaws and Standing Rules. Both are available on this website.  As a member of VPWL, you acknowledge that your name and likeness may appear in some publications or on this website.

Membership Renewal

If you have been a VPWL member in the past, but have discontinued your membership, please see instructions for New Membership above.  If you are current member and would like to continue your membership for the 2019-2020 year, please send your check to the address listed at the bottom of the Mail-in Membership Form or pay by credit card or PayPal using the payment feature below. To make sure your membership stays active and you continue enjoying participation in all the VPWL activities, receive the Villa Voice and are listed in the Roster of Membership, look for an email from your Membership Chair on or around the date when you last paid for your membership. If you need to contact your Membership Chair at any time, her name, email and cell phone number are listed at the bottom of the Mail-in Membership Form.

Membership Options
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Per Federal IRS Code Section 501(c)4, payments to the VPWL are NOT qualified as tax deductible charitable donations for income tax purposes.