Villa Park Women's League Philanthropies

Scholarships are awarded to deserving students residing in Villa Park in May. These are based on merit not financial need, selected by impartial judges based on student academic achievements, school activities, extra-curricular pursuits including employment as well as demonstrated leadership abilities. An essay is now required.

Several Judy Johnson Memorial and Jeannie DeSantis scholarships have also been awarded in recent years with private funding.

As part of the philanthropic effort, the Disbursement Committee allocates monies raised at the annual fundraising event. Amounts are awarded to  our four Villa Park schools, local library, Villa Park Foundation and for other local needs identified by the committee.  Scholarships for selected local students are also funded.

These “gifts” of philanthropy are a very important tradition/heritage within the Villa Park Women’s League.

The Villa Park Women's League was proud to award $14,000 in Scholarships in 2016 to the following Villa Park High School Seniors.

 "The Judy Johnson Memorial Scholarship"

Troy Furniss - $2000 - Karen Pham $2000 - Emily Elder $2000 - Lauren Polyakov $2,000

 "The Jeannie Desantis Scholarship"

Zoe Kuli - $1500

VPWL Merit Scholarships

Amber Duong - $1500 - Vito Canuso - $1500 - Zoe Kuli - $1500 - (Lauren Jones $1500 - not in photo)


Villa Park Women's League Philanthropy - 2016 Distributions

Cerro Villa Middle School                     $1500.00

Villa Park Beautification                       $2500.00

Villa Park High School                          $1500.00

Serrano Elementary School                  $1500.00

Student Scholarships                            $4500.00

 Villa Park Friends of the Library         $1500.00

VP Community Services Foundation    $1500.00

Villa Park Elementary School                $1500.00