2017-2018 Executive Board of Directors

VPWL Board 2017-18.JPG
  • Co. President: Birgit Miller
  • Co. President: Carolyn Reichert
  • Co. 1st VP Programs: Sue Drobish
  • Co. 1st VP Programs: Jill Kuli
  • Co. 2nd VP Ways & Means: Pam Dunn
  • Co. 2nd VP Ways & Means: Lori Kreutziger
  • Co. 2nd VP Ways & Means: Rosa Pallas
  • 3rd VP Membership: Bridgett Baril
  • Parliamentarian: Marie Steuber
  • Recording Secretary: Harriet Wedemeyer
  • Treasurer: Barbara Steensland

2016-2017 Executive Board of Directors

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 22.52.59.png
  • President: Marie Steuber
  • 1st Vice President:  Lainey Stern
  • 2nd Vice President:   Anita Kantak
  • 3rd Vice President:  Bridgett Baril
  • Recording Secretary:  Pat Schroeder
  • Treasurer: Candy Carlberg
  • Parliamentarian: M.J. Lucero

2016 - 2017 Spirited Advisory Board

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 22.58.00.png
  • Activities / Community Calendar:  Andie Mills
  • Beautification:  Sandy Murg
  • Civic Representative:  Mary Silzel
  • Communications:  Carolyn Reichert & Mary Silzel
  • Corresponding Secretary:  Jeanie Zimmerman
  • Facilities Manager:  Kay Rogers
  • Historian:  Rosa Pallas
  • Hospitality:  TBD
  • Philanthropy:  Sue Drobish & Angela Fasbender
  • Public Relations:  Angela Shaw & Maureen Shaw
  • Publicity:  Jill Kuli & Andie Mills (Sentry)
  • School Liaison:  Jill Kuli
  • Secret Angels:  Kathy Moran
  • Social Media:  Diana Fascenelli
  • Villa Voice:  Elizabeth Ussher & Fern Staton

Honorary Members

An Honorary Member is a person or business who has greatly supported, in some way, an activity or Ways & Means project of the Women's League. Because of their continued interest and support, the "Villa Voice" and "Roster" will be sent to these Honorary Members, and their names will be listed in the annual Roster. In addition, they are invited to participate in the various activities and Ways & Means project of the League. The Board of Directors, along with any input from the General Membership, will update and review those qualifying for Honorary Membership eacvh year. However, it will NOT be mandatory to select Honorary Members every year. Honorary Members will not be required to pay yearly dues. They may not vote or serve on the Board of Directors, Advisory Board or Nominating Committee.

  • Colleary’s Bistro - Marty Colliery
  • Foothills Sentry
  • Hidden Jewel Magazine
  • Orange Unified School District - Ed Howard
  • Ralph’s
  • Rockwell’s Cafe
  • Serrano Water District
  • Suzie’s Beauty Supply/Salon - Suzie Hubbell
  • The Coffee Grove
  • The Flowery
  • The Green Pear - Cristie Filer
  • Union Bank - Cynthia V. Casas
  • Villa Park City Staff - Mike Knowles
  • Villa Park City - City Manager - Steve Franks
  • Villa Park Pharmacy